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Airbus A380 Simulator

September 2008 I visited Airbus in Toulouse France on a business trip, where I had the opportunity to fly in the A380 simulator. Now I should say upfront that my flying skills amount to zero and frankly this realistic experience confirmed why I should never consider flying as a career.

As luck would have it my captain on this journey was a pilot with many hours of flying under his belt … even if it was only a few feet above ground on this occasion.
What struck me was the joystick, how small it was for such a large aircraft, the slightest movement of the controls would send this 500-ton aircraft (OK much lighter simulator) off to the right or left.
When asked by the Airbus simulator manager to try and roll the aircraft (turn it upside down), I replied ‘you kidding me’, I needn’t have worried however, immediately the electronics assumed I had lost leave of my senses it automatically corrected itself …… Impressive…

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