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Space Shuttle Discovery STS-119 Launch 2009

STS-119 Shuttle Launch 2009It was by pure chance that on 15th March 2009, my last day in Florida,I had to switch airports from Miami to Orlando. While driving north on I5, the local radio station reported that after a number of failed attempts there was a good possibility that the Shuttle would be launched that evening, I remember cursing my bad luck, thinking that I would have loved to have seen it.
On arrival at the airport, I had a two hour wait until the scheduled departure of my flight BA2036 at 19:30.

We were boarded speedily, a little ahead of time  and once on-board I found out why –  the Captain announced that the Shuttle Discovery would be launched in the next 5 mins, and if we took off on time we would witness  the launch in-flight.  I was overjoyed and  immediately grasped my camera to video the launch from the aircraft. We were not disappointed it was an amazing experience.  The aircraft was 40 miles to the West of Launch site at 20,000ft and just about everyone on board got a ‘birds eye view’ of the launch ……


The pilot commented at the end of the flight at LGW that he hoped that we had enjoyed the flight and probably what would be a once in a life time experience of witnessing a shuttle launch in-flight.

Thanks BA that was some awesome in-flight entertainment!!!

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