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Mauritius – Indoor Market

Mauritius is a small island in the Indian Ocean, off the east coast of Madagascar. Immediately you arrive on the island you begin to feel the relaxed and friendly atmosphere.Mauritius June 2009
Port Louis is the capital of the island and it is here in the bustling indoor market you get the feeling that time has stood still. This building must be one of the oldest in the city and probably hasn’t changed since it was constructed. The colourful array of locally grown produce was stimulating for sight, sound, smell and taste. In contrast, deep within the building an escalator takes you to the first floor were you can indulge your sense of touch as you are surrounded by beautiful cotton and silk fabrics which the local traders are keen to sell at bargain prices.
There is a lot to do and see on this wonderful island and the market is a must if you visit the capital.

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