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BA New Seat Design & IFE on Boeing 777-300ER

This first of six new British Airways Boeing 777-300ER has onboard the airlines latest design concepts and new inflight entertainment system from Thales.

I had the pleasure to be onboard Flight No. BA9178C which left and returned to Heathrow on 26th Aug 2010

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The aircraft took off on time at 15:15 from Terminal 5 Heathrow and conducted a four hour test flight over the North Sea.

In the new ‘World Traveller’ cabin is the latest Thales in-flight entertainment, including:

  • a video touch screen that is 35 per cent larger than the current screen
  • a greater choice of movies, television and music
  • a USB and RCA combo port, enabling personal electronic devices to connect with the in-flight entertainment system
  • an in-seat power socket to power devices throughout the flight

Additionally in the new ‘World Traveller Plus’ cabin the Thales in-flight entertainment has:

  • a video touch screen that is 60 per cent larger than the current screen
  • two USB ports and an RCA port.

British Airways will operate this first aircraft between Chicargo, Dubai, Delhi and Mumbai


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Pass Your iPhone When Boarding Sir

As the security line got smaller, I did think to myself, ‘is this really going to work’, looking around I was the only person clutching my iPhone instead of a boarding pass. This British Airways app has to work or this seasoned traveller is going to get some strange looks from the long queue of puzzled passengers behind.
Looking back along the queue my seasoned traveller persona was suddenly embellished, as I heard the words “Enjoy your flight Sir” coming from the security guard as he handed back by iPhone.

This app is very simple to use and displays the correct boarding pass with out searching, using the checkin was simple too and my persona went up a notch as it allowed me to change my seat to 1A.

Keep an eye on the battery power, if your flight is delayed you might have to recharge before handing over your iPhone again to ground staff at the boarding gate.

A useful hint If running low on power, switch Data roaming, 3G and WiFi off located in iPhone settings, this should help.

At the boarding gate I experienced how new this technology actually is. “Your aircraft is now ready for boarding, please have your boarding pass ready and switch off all mobile phones”.

No … this cant be right … what about my well maintained persona .
Well, as it turned out I did get a smile when the embarrassed lady returned my iPhone “Enjoy your flight sir”.
I could now board the aircraft with a sky high persona.
Not quite, as the flight attendant returned my iPhone, she said “That’s the second iPhone boarding pass on this flight”!!!

Well the iPhone App did work, so thanks British Airways, but just like the iPhone, before you know it everyone will have one.

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First Class All The Way

I experienced British Airways new first class product this week (Not in the air unfortunately), it has been installed on one Boeing 777 so far, taking passengers between London Heathrow and Chicago O’Hare.
This new first cabin features personal wardrobe, 60 percent wider “lay-flat” bed, leather-bound table, 15-inch IFE screen, USB port, RCA jack, noise-canceling headsets and personal electronic blinds along with mood lighting.

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The design of the cabin is inspired by famous UK motoring brands Aston Martin and Jaguar

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