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IL Divo at Bloomingdales

Just about to leave for New York in two days and my thoughts go back to a very memorable Christmas shopping trip to the big apple in November 2005.

The first day in New York didn’t go well, baggage did not arrive at the airport and we had to shop for some essential clothes. This unfortunate piece of bad luck turned out to be the best stroke of luck starting with the 150 dollar compensation payment at the airport, things continued to improve.

First stop the Levi shop opposite Bloomingdales. As I stepped outside the shop I had to have a double take Il Divo were doing a rehearsal about 30 feet away on a stage outside the store. I returned to the Levi store and casually mentioned that I had just seen Il Divo, which was met some what with disbelief.

A trip to Bloomingdales soon confirmind that Il Divo would be revealing the Christmas windows 2005.

Here is the video of one of the three songs they sang, hope you enjoy:YouTube

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